Deep meditation

What could you have been thinking of

What could you have been dreaming of


What could you have been thinking of What could have you been dreaming of




Appolyon leave earth looking for their gods

Them go up so and start fighting with iron rods

Their mentality must be mad

Their meditation must be bad

To leave and go in outer darkness

Then come back and deal with further


They put their foot in the sea and they dirty it

They breath in JAH air and they foul up it

Wipe out JAH landscape bit by bit

Wipe out JAH creatures bit by

Press in the flesh man full of it

Come like we don't know 'bout the trinity

'cause everything it seems is vanity... eeeh



You could a come from gog or come from magog

You could a look like a jew from out a synagogue

You could in a city or live in a bog

Don't treat no one like you treat a dog

Theses kind of things are not accepted

'Cause every man is related ... seen?

A certain man seh Mi fe 'build a ting

Me draw Mi Rizla and Me lick it up seen

Him say him no have no herb him only have crack,... shock

me look down 'pon it and put Mi Rizla back

Me never know him did a take the rocks

It seems like crack is getting normal

Man has for got about the original.. herbs


Well did you come here to day or come here to die? why?

For I check seh you a lie

Because you put you foot in a sea and you dirty it up

Breath in JAH air and you foul it up

 But if we put our hands together and drink from JAH cup

Then we would all be better people

That's why rasta let go the evil... eh

It's like your income never really big enough

It's like your eyes too big belly no big enough

What kind of scheme are you thinking

All wicked thought you a fe jack it up

And all bad habits you fe pack it up

I know badness can get so tempting

But now is the time for repenting eh