Be humble be humble

Be humble humble humble

Or you going to stumble

Your going to stumble

You'll stumble stumble stumble

Don't try to run away

From the fathers hand

When you know that you can

Do what he wants you to do

No don't tempt no man come test

Or try to prove you are the best

Cos you will be only doing

What you were meant to do

Don't boast what you can do

The works that JAH JAH give to you

Remember that if I were you

I'd do the same thing to

Whether you are a musician

Or a singer or a carpenter

You got to do the work of JAH

No matter who you are


Don't make your head get swell

When you know your doing well

As far as I can tell

That road there leads to hell

Take that burden off yourself

And try to deal with righteousness

JAH words they are delightful yes

So keep his words today

No don't run your mouth to loud

Or make your self a spectacle

Remember empty vessel

They make the mostest noise

Know the I self and love the I life

And try to live by peaceful means

And be like a human being

I'm sure you know what I mean